Sunday, May 17, 2015

a sonnet for the night

As twilight succumbed to night’s inkish cloak,
A melodic penumbra enticed me.
It beckoned me nigh, the instruments broke
Through a distance that tends to define me.

Abreast of the band pulsed the undulant
Crowd as the bass ground my hips to its groove
The saxophone wailed a lick of consent
To the trombone that had nothing to prove.

The drummer kept pace, our rhythms entrained
As the energy wound us together
The shadows, we pushed, the players, they strained
Over the improvisational tether.

Hands lifted high, momentum increased
To the infinite night our desires released.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

the muse

The ancient muse who comprehends

the unexpected ebb and flows

and language where all language ends

relieves the snow with spring’s amends

while keeping steady in repose.

That ancient muse does comprehend

the breath between two souls transcends

tornadic tangoed lovers’ throes

and language where all language ends.

More fragile than the mind intends

(while hide and seeking) to disclose

the ancient muse does comprehend

the cages made to self-defend                              

but gently coaxes out from those

in language where all language ends

a whispered, “yes.”  The heart extends

a slow-unfolding gossamer rose   

to the ancient muse who comprehends

the language where all language ends.

The repeating line "language where (all) language ends" was taken from Rainer Maria Rilke's poem,  "On Music", which arrived in my inbox through Every Day Poems on Tuesday April 14.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

lent 3

If I stood before you, Jesus, stripped

of accomplishments
of wealth
of nourishment
of power
of security
of health
of intellect
of control
of friends
of family

Then what, Jesus?

I hide so well, my own nakedness frightens me
I study and praise and seek
I toil and pursue and fight

But rest, Jesus, to rest?
To listen, to breathe in the stillness
to trust You are working
before me
behind me
around me
within me
To sacrifice my chaos

For the peace of Who You are.

lent 4

Though I wave palm leaves with the crowd
unsure of what is happening 
but wanting to belong

Though I cheer "hosanna"
believing you are a king of this world
arriving to conquer my foes

Though I cry out "crucify Him" with the mob
when expectations fall short
and my warrior king comes as a lamb

Jesus, today I say “yes”
prostrate in the shadow of the cross
awaiting the mystery of the empty tomb

and the promise of redemption in You.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

lent 2

How easily I forget, Jesus, that without first Your sacrifice,
My love moves from the center of my sin:  my need, my desire, my conditions

Only when I know, fully, Your love
Can I release  my judgement
Against Your Created Ones
And give of myself
out of the abundance of
Your death on the cross

Empty me, that I may overflow
A single act of love
From the Eternal One,  

Who loves us for eternity

Sunday, March 1, 2015

lent 1

I stand before you now, Jesus,
At the edge of the desert within me,
My mind set inward, to my weakest places,
Where I long for love, for relief, for refreshing
Jesus, I stand and meet Your gaze,
Soaking in the intimacy that is born
When deep cries out to deep
And soul greets soul beyond a veil of separation
On this Lenten journey I pray:
Repair my sight with Yours, Jesus,
That I may connect with just one person,
Whether familiar or a stranger,
whether like-minded or opposed,
And meet their gaze as You see me now,
In my weakness, wholly precious to You.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


though once i loved the scarecrow (that stupid silly scarecrow)
the heartless tin man and even the cowardly lion

i pulled back the curtain to reveal oz for who he is
(just a man no more no less)

i had the power all along

no technicolor fantasy to back me up
with each step i follow my own brick road