Sunday, November 17, 2013


reluctant to
surrender one
blazing leaf
holds fast
to a branch

wind can rustle
it one day
more in a
condition of
beauty that will
not be hurried

the joyful
explosion of
color is
the journey to
its winter


w i t h  a  s i l e n t


g a z e  y o u r  e y e s


l o n g s h a d o w s


m e  a  s e p t e m b e r


s e t t i n g  b e t w e e n


s t e a d f a s t  t r e e s

Saturday, November 16, 2013

slamming door

just because you
blame me doesnt
mean its my
her whisper resonates
from the corner (back
to her heart)
she is placed to
think about what
it is she has
has not)


what do you MEAN
you cant HEAR her
just SHUT UP and


prehistoric artifacts
interfere with the
weathering the
smoothing of the
weaker substance that
holds them together

please dont ask
why some things i find
so hard that make no
sense from the
vantage point where
you judge me

the bones of those
things were
borne long before
you ever laid eyes
on their fossils


how do i lose
the muse
but not the
i am ready to
change the
station but all
i can hear is


there are
no moves
left do you
want to
quit this
oh wait its
good night


when you scuba the atmosphere of the ocean depths compresses your body (squeezing out whatever space it can find making you as compact as can be) and your tissue absorbs nitrogen in accordance with that surrounding pressure

the nitrogen may come out of solution and form bubbles (the bends) in your vessels if the change in pressure is too much for your breath to release all at once

it is very important that you come up slowly and hover just below the surface for a safety stop to give your body the time it needs to off-gas all that it has inhaled and to exhale all the waste that the body produces

i have been decompressing from many dives(within the Word within myself along with friends who are diving too) hovering just below the surface to process

the bits and pieces to follow are some of what has surfaced with me