Thursday, February 27, 2014


(outside my window polar
tempest you beat
against the pane
while i in comfort
and coze need only to
shift layers of 
blankets to insulate
against the bitter
night chill)

i drift off loving the howl
     that shakes the holding-on dead leaves free
     that unearths roots not too-deeply rooted
     that karate-chop pummels whole limbs from trunks

oh my heart do not hide safe when
the wild wind beckons

meet its power
     be uprooted and
     blown naked
     welcoming newness as
     it is released


i slide my palm
(unaware but not
into the slit of
threadbare denim
over a smooth
angle of hipbone
toward the deep
corner of pocket
where you  (a foreign
coin gathering
my heat) nestle

my fingers seek
your contour and
edges (my heart 
needs refuge far
away from here)

i settle and 
retract my hand
but you (unsettled)
you flee and 
flip through the

(no matter how familiar
the edges i never can
guess which side will
land upright to the sky)

heads or tails is
anyones guess

Sunday, February 2, 2014

one word 2014: joy

the drama of bearing
such a gift as joy is first
when it sprung from my heart
and out of my lips i could
not believe it was true

then i realized that the
gift was not in the holding of
joy in my hands but in
the emptying of those hands of
things that drown out joy

     (things that prevent joy from
      penetrating this intensity of
      life i have been living)

joy comes from the remembrance of
past goodness surviving and made
true made right made whole even if
it still seems broken on the outside
to those who dont really know
what they are looking at

joy is learning to look
deep into the sense of peace and
belonging that only comes with 
healing that is according to the
truth and peace that surpasses

when joy is sparked the gift
is in the taking off of
the mask so that it will
flow through me and to you
and to whomever else is longing
for it too