Thursday, July 24, 2014


slumber dragon shedding her
calloused scaly skincoat
the days toil worries
wondering writhing 
scratching twisting flipping 
     breaking free 
arising at dawn no 
memory of the struggle
only a damp tangle of 
bedding cast aside to 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

hands free

sea calm hot sun cool breeze  
empty late September beach morning

a rare day hands free no weight
no tending to any someones need

the space between us quiet and without
blame separate/together mom and i

comb the sandy trail of treasures
left by the mornings receding tide

she searching bounty in perfection
me searching beauty in the broken

we breathing in deep of the deep
hands free to seek what we need

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


i stop seeking
perfection in
the delicacy of
fragments on
the shoreline 

it is freedom to
surrender the 
(futile) mending of
the fractured 

and instead to
feel with 
my feet the
sharp edges  of
in the relentless 
steady coming 
forth of
the surf 
on the sand

and to seek 
not expected shapes 
(a constancy in
form) but the inner 
colors and curves 
unique to what
is made from
just one piece of

i stop seeking
perfection in 
the delicacy of
fragments on
the shoreline

This poem is in response to Tweetspeak Poetry's Monday prompt.  Click the link below for more original work and to listen to a great summer playlist!