Monday, August 5, 2013


one achy cranky morning i was sitting in a
garden not really sure of what i was going to
do or where i was going to go because the weather
had shifted and i wasn't feeling up to moving much
and i could feel the weight of my furrowed brow
and my bad attitude dragging me down when all of a sudden
i had to sneeze enormously and i did and lost a bit of my
equilibrium even though i was still sitting down on the
so as my head recoiled and my eyes turned upward i
saw these two guys stuck there in that miserable
position on the lip of a stone fountain that was supposed
to add beauty to the flowers planted carefully
along the path
and i laughed out loud at their predicament and how
each one blamed the other for the way they ended up and
that it didn't matter that it was raining because a steady
stream of water dripped down each man's nose and
clearly neither cared that their actual function was to
beautify but in the very moment of that observation i
laughed out loud not caring who else was watching me
because i was not fixed in stone and my chin was
and they couldn't even shake it off or spit the water
out if they wanted to and after a few minutes the clouds in
the sky and the rain that fell got thicker and more persistent
but i took my time as i walked to my car and drove



today my heart speaks a
language that my mind longs
to hear

not in the way of a box of grammar or
a closet of semantics but in the
careful stitching of the weaver
of tapestry or of the painter with
each purposed stroke
with the knowing that flows in the
current that moves the confident tide
in time with its mate the moon

today my heart speaks a
language of freedom that
moves me

Sunday, August 4, 2013


i crash my head on an unexpected
ledge and the impact shatters the word-well
jar in my brain just like a scrabble
board tossed in the air
            (tiles speckle the floor upon landing)
the letters are

a     l

                                      o    e 

     t     h e

                       p     a  c

     (but don't make
any sense)

           my thoughts (also thrown)

a viscous sea i hear their muted
calling but from (where i rest) the
net is
           too short
to reach so they settle
far below me

after so much time tide dredges buried gems

if i just let the boat drift they resurface nearby

i hang over the bow careful not
to disturb to resubmerge them scooping and
landing my thoughts on
deck to dry out resuscitate and
breathe life again