Sunday, December 14, 2014

on being a writer: identify


jewels that burst

(or seepswimslide)

from the pentip first

sapphire scratchings


random hopes

a ransom note



musings reach 

resolution on

the map in 

the notebook 

before me

living along with Ann and Charity and their book,

On Being a Writer

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

a prayer of submission

Through Christ, my Lord, I have found favor with You
I abide in Your Kingdom as beloved child and humble servant
Resting not in blind trust but in the richness of a faith
Rooted in the testimony of my life
And of those who have journeyed before

When you set the impossible before me
I am assured You will see the work to its fruition
Wipe from  my sight the closed door of rejection and
Fix my vision on the path of possibility You manifest
That I may follow Your lead with confidence in Your design

Cause me to so desire Your righteousness
That I forsake my need to comprehend or control
All that passes through Your hands
Enlarge my experience of Your infinite power

And use my life to fulfill Your purposes here on earth.

offered in response to the story of Mary in Luke 1:26-38

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

a prayer for listening

In humble patience, Lord
I still my hands and close my mouth
I neither covet a meal nor offer a petition
neither build another castle nor lay another plan

In the silence here I rest and wait
until the din in my head  dissipates and
I hear Your voice, My Beloved Creator
until my breath, my heartbeat moves in synchrony to Yours

I discard my distractions, Lord,
for the discomfort of waiting on Your deliverance
You have heard my cries and I am assured that You know,
not with heady knowledge but with an intimate heart,
the way to my soul’s contentment

Like an infant I exist in utter dependence
and total expectancy of  Your provision
for You alone give care to my body, mind and spirit
from my miraculous creation to
my triumphant end here on earth.

offered in response to the story of Zacharias, Luke 1:5-25