Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Tenth Day of Christmas: special prayer

to the mom who waits for her daughter to take a breath after a seizure so her lips and cheeks can pink again

to the mom who hopes that this will be the year her son will talk

to the mom who wonders if her son is safe while he sleeps away from her

to the mom who prays that her son will soon stand on his own

to the mom who "listened" to her son and educated him in a counter-cultural way so he would thrive

to the mom who will never parent her son to independence because he will always have the mind of a child

to all of you who breathe grace and strength beyond your own humanity, I am not wise enough to know how to pray for your needs but I call upon the Helper who intercedes to bless you with His presence and peace and joy tonight and throughout the new year.  You are on my mind and deep in my heart tonight.

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