Wednesday, February 22, 2012

what beauty is for

“And have you too finally figured out what beauty is for?”
Mary Oliver

walking by a window

sunlight refracts through

antique glass

there is no time but

i pause

tilt my head

absorb perspective


once i pressed my lips

to the top

of your head

and breathed in

the tiny fierce

so delicate so determined to

make a move in this world

chestnut waves now

hide this monument but

i remember


broken open

weak and empty

but there is your

warm wordless hand

covering mine


i breathe


one man saw

water and sky and trees

reflect each other and back

but nympheas float

surely at the surface

separating illusion from

existence and

i weep


beauty is for learning growing loving

beauty is for living

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  1. Compelling, Michelle. Really beautiful. So glad you linked up with us at Three!

  2. Your words are a true drawing in.