Tuesday, May 15, 2012


her passion is two sips into
a third glass of classic
french red halfway through
a crispy loaf stacked messy high
with pungent cheese smoky
jambon and savory olives

her motor is a hemi revving
in the driveway built
for power and stability
(sometimes the reins need to be
pulled back on those steeds
so they are forced to
do the speed limit)

her arms are welcome home
blanketing your anguish as
she wrings it from your core
then gives it a SNAP!
reshaping the tattered threads
into something like new

but since her strength and courage
come from a heart wide-open
tears fall a-tempest at a casual
bruising or rending of tender flesh
(hers or yours) watering the desire
to be part of love

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