Monday, August 5, 2013


one achy cranky morning i was sitting in a
garden not really sure of what i was going to
do or where i was going to go because the weather
had shifted and i wasn't feeling up to moving much
and i could feel the weight of my furrowed brow
and my bad attitude dragging me down when all of a sudden
i had to sneeze enormously and i did and lost a bit of my
equilibrium even though i was still sitting down on the
so as my head recoiled and my eyes turned upward i
saw these two guys stuck there in that miserable
position on the lip of a stone fountain that was supposed
to add beauty to the flowers planted carefully
along the path
and i laughed out loud at their predicament and how
each one blamed the other for the way they ended up and
that it didn't matter that it was raining because a steady
stream of water dripped down each man's nose and
clearly neither cared that their actual function was to
beautify but in the very moment of that observation i
laughed out loud not caring who else was watching me
because i was not fixed in stone and my chin was
and they couldn't even shake it off or spit the water
out if they wanted to and after a few minutes the clouds in
the sky and the rain that fell got thicker and more persistent
but i took my time as i walked to my car and drove

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