Tuesday, January 14, 2014

poetry at work

I love words.  I love writing and singing and conversation.  I love my vocation as a speech-language pathologist, and I really love poetry.  Reading AND writing it. Books all over my house and blue roller pens and pads of words scattered all over the place.

I love working with the bodies of the children in my care, and coaxing, shaping, weaving and listening to sound and thought as it emerges from very very deep places.  Places of great suffering but also places of great joy.  Places of great challenge but also places of great wisdom.

On behalf of the work done here today by ALL of the children who came through the doors, and the moms, dads the therapists who stood with them, ENJOY!

ysa so pretty you are my
poetry at work

you sing a sonnet
a love song
through the stars 
in your eyes the same
as the sky at night
and its song of heaven

you shake up some free verse
a radical rant
with brain waves seizing

      we dont understand the colors or
      the way you 
             s  p a    ce   y  o u   r  b  rea  t  h
      (we wish it metered and
       regular but you always come back)

you giggle a couplet
a sweet and rhyming banter
in your hugs and 
great big kisses

our words daily thunder 
around and over and past you
too quickly for response but
the a surprise
an anthem in your YES
      (or maybe a funny GAH
                  a silly cat in the
       restaurant where you had lunch)

without the boundaries of words
every day ysa you are my
poetry at work

To learn more about Ysa and her family's journey with Rett Syndrome, click on the link below:

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  1. Just stopping in to give you the detail post for our NYC meetup, since you were thinking on it :)