Friday, August 29, 2014

remember me summer

remember me summer (as
you fade into fall)
and how i let your hot
fingers curl my hair and
your heat dew my skin as
i moved slowly through you
with wine-soaked music and
percolating laughter

remember the nights when i
screamed my secrets and
whispered my dreams to your
bending ear and how you
answered my cries with a 
river of stars and made
me believe those secrets
are safe and those dreams
will come true

summer you are not steady (as
seasons always change)
and i am here not wanting
to see you go but in my
surrender i trust you will
remember and return 
to simmer my senses again


  1. Your words are beautiful and pour like honey from your soul.

  2. Oh... this is so full of wonderful, wonderful images and sensory yum yum. And this... so clever....
    how i let your hot
    fingers curl my hair


  3. your repetition of the "S" sound is what i hear - especially when read just above a whisper