Saturday, February 21, 2015


all is not lost if, in parting,  
you release your drowning grasp
and offer the remnants
of love’s creation to the sea

the vessel of your dreams,
though empty, will not perish,
fractured in violent and
reckless transformation,
brokentumbled edges,
smoothly ground,
once whole and held fast,
that vessel resembles 
nothing of its original form

sunglinted seaglass scatters
at the ocean’s edge,
seedlings of hope for new love’s birth

I wrote "seaglass" this week with my friend Nancy Marie Davis on my heart (see her work here), and before I had a chance to share it, she posted the photo above to her timeline. Enjoy our synergy wherever you are in your journey, knowing that it is in the breaking we become beautiful.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4


  1. It am grateful for these words, and the fact that you are so thoughtful. I must admit though that i forgot to add today on my post that this is not one of my photos. I was looking on pinterest, as i often do for looking at art, and saw this, and just had to share it, as i really thought it was beautiful. I just love sea glass. Thank you so much.
    Love, Nancy.

  2. brokentumbled - yes. this piece works with the use of a new word. iLike it very much.

    and this is powerful imagery:
    "the vessel of your dreams,
    though empty, will not perish"