Saturday, November 12, 2011

looking up

cool water breeze

by a rushing river                         
slowly soothes
my rushing head
drowning out
my rushing thoughts
that overflow from
my rushing life
as I lay splayed across
a precarious perch
of prehistoric slab
the clouds above the
luscious canopy split
the resplendence of
summer sun
illuminates the foliage
“I am here”
You whisper from above
the world eases
to a stillpoint
as i am
looking up.

*written in response to the Random Acts of Poetry prompt*


  1. I enlarged the photo ... such beauty ... in your words as well.

  2. "...the world eases to a stillpoint as i am looking up." Oh...those words today...a gift! Thank you. And your photo made me simply want to sit and breathe in the moment, the stillpoint, the whisper, a holy God.

  3. i can hear the water and feel the cool stone...

  4. All that rushing...and all that soothing!

  5. From the rushing to the easing. Stillpoint. All in looking up. Beautiful.

  6. What a gorgeous photo. I can hear the water and feel the jab of that 'precarious perch.' Thanks for taking me to a lovely space.