Sunday, March 31, 2013

artist's date: admit one

I took my Artist's date to the floor of the Spare Oom in my house.  It is a smallish room that has continually transitioned over the last 10 years, but mostly ends up as a space for unwanted items or things that need to be packed away.  It's been clear for a few months now;  the floors are painted spicy chocolate brown, the walls giggle in coral buff pink.  The Spare Oom houses one oval  mirror, an almost-full-to-the-edges bookshelf and fabric waiting to be sewn into curtains.  I am in no rush to fill the room or even to name it, but love the space it contains for potential.  There are no bills or chores or obligations in this room and with the window open on this  sunny, chilly spring afternoon I can rest without boredom and escape with my ticket to a new journey.

"A ticket lets you in somewhere.  On one side of some tickets it even says,'Admit one.'  Like a poem, a ticket is small, often colorful and valuable, allowing entrance to a special place." Sarah Goldsmith Woolridge, poemcrazy

like worry that
dragoons me from rest
the spool of tickets taunts
from the floorboards
a marching army spiraling
toward me pressing for
a word adMIT one adMIT one
adMIT one fear adMIT
one hope adMIT one
love adMIT one joy
adMIT one more one more
one more until i submit
and spill it forth in
the light of day

As part of April's National Poetry Month, Tweetspeak (for more info click here)  is hosting a book club experience featuring poemcrazy by Susan G. Woolridge (for more information click here ). 

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