Friday, March 15, 2013

Good morning!  This is my first attempt at "Five-Minute Fridays" so I have to say that right now I am mostly just pre-occupied with taking the first step.

Rest...something I have learned a lot about this past year when my body just quit on me and I could barely stay awake for a few hours each day

Physical rest and learning how to listen to my body...there is a time to go and a time to stop

Sleeping is rest for the body but may not be rest for the mind or the soul

Resting in Him is the peace that comes before the answer to prayer is heard or the resolution to conflict is in sight...and that thought has stayed with me since a young woman in my high school Bible study spoke that truth as part of her testimony

Resting in Him is grieving in hope and knowing it is okay to feel

Resting in Him is having people around to share those tears and to help carry a burden that only the heart can see

Resting is the experience of knowing how great and good God is when nothing before you (or behind you) feels anything close to great or good.

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  1. Finding peace is really hard for so many people- and you're right- resting your body doesn't always provide rest for your soul.

  2. Praying that you find all the rest (physical, emotional and spiritual) that you need.