Sunday, January 11, 2015

prayer of reconciliation

You know my heart, oh God, and how much I desire to belong
You designed me, Lord, to live in unity with Your Body,
Yet that knowledge alone seldom satisfies my need for security 

I seek the similar so I may feel safe
I serve the weak so I may feel strong
I harbor offense so I may feel righteous
And in my short, selfish sight, I fence myself into isolation
Forgive me, Lord, for every person I have shunned
Through too much activity, or not enough response
Through bitterness, unforgiveness, or the cutting blade of judgement
Let me break bread with every outcast and foreigner seated at Your table
Without first asking if they deserve to partake
For I, too, outside of You, am unworthy
To eat of Your flesh and drink of Your cup
But in communion, am reconciled to You, and Your people, and made whole.

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