Sunday, January 11, 2015



we were torn apart
(she and i were torn apart)
a detachment
a specter of myself
and i was afraid
to be her
afraid that she would
shatter on contact or
pull me into her current
sweep me away
in her riptide

although she had no body she was drowning


inexplicably entwined
we once upon a time
made peace
reacquainted we spent the day
building sandcastles at the shoreline
the safest place to be
where the incoming tide
erased mistakes with ease

what is constant in this inconstancy
the roar of our great mother
the ocean
drowned out curses
and our pleas
to each other
to be right
to be loved
to belong


the tides will rise and fall
the moon eventually
switches place in the sky
with the morning sun
(who is not an equal partner
by any means
but the source
of sustenance
for us all)

everyone knows he would be nothing without her


arms of seaweed wave at me in the surf
and I reach for the gift
taking time to braid each strand
so at least to the casual observer
there seems to be some order

in the beauty


  1. i like this bit best of all - because changing up the emphasis and pause makes it new each time through:

    nexplicably entwined
    we once upon a time
    made peace