Friday, October 7, 2011

je suis belle

"je suis belle"

no matter how great
his mortal strength
her eyes plead
the horizon
for safe passage
an escape from
idolatry that reigns
when he tries
to name her
to save her from
the shame that
always lurks
in her shadow

every sinew in
his form strains
with the weight
of her oppression
his arms engulf her
without connection
to her soul
his embrace
embodies the fortress
that keeps her
from flight

absolution abides beyond              
her captivity
where Redemption flings wide
the gate to her freedom


Photos taken at the Rodin Museum, Philadelphia PA
(top) "Je Suis Belle"
(center foreground) "Je Suis Belle"
(center background) "Shame (Absolution)
(bottom) "Shame (Absolution)"


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