Wednesday, October 19, 2011

why poetry? why photography?

i sit criss-cross
below this window
that was once
tightly blinded
to keep out the sun

i snap this shot
lean forward and
raise the pane wide

autumn wind rustles
the hanging lace that
tickles my face and
kisses my cheek

billowing and draping
with each breath of nature
like a swinging child
beckoning me
to come out and play

This post was written in response to High Calling's PhotoPlay and Tweetspeak's poetry prompt.  Thank you to Kelly who shared the journey behind her photos and moved me on a day when I was stuck contre-jour.


  1. Nice poem and photos!
    Yeah, I get stuck against the light, too.

  2. Michelle, perfect! I especially love the lines, "with each breath of nature
    like a swinging child..." Just perfect.

  3. love that breeze that beckons us to play...
    glad you did with your camera! Good shot.