Sunday, October 9, 2011

to the left of the centre

if you exact with a surgeon’s skill,
to the left of the center,
beneath the bony shield of sternum,
suspended in tough ligament,
nestled in a spongy notch of lung,
you will see the pumping, deep pink muscle
that keeps blood pulsing
through me.

if you close your eyes and reach me
to the left of the center you will see
a throne where I worship at His feet
a soft chair where He whispers to me
a legacy, victory, my daughter Tori
friends who carry me when I am weak
who mirror back my grace and beauty
a precious bridge walking to trust and intimacy
broken bodies healing
          through Loving support and connected feeling
psalm 23, john 15, 16, 17
(Jesus prayed for me!)
van gogh churches and starry scenes
satie, rodin and debussy
parisian streets and cemeteries
a daisy
family heritage, reworked, redeemed

to the left of the center come meet me

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  1. You paint pictures with your words.

  2. Thanks for showing me more of your heart. *beautiful*
    And John 15-17? I recently memorized John 14-17 -- GREAT chapters!
    (That photo is perfect!)

  3. Michelle - This poem and the photo are just beautiful. This phrase, "left of center" and the way you have captured here really spoke to my imagination. I was writing about something seemingly unrelated, and suddenly, they were inextricably connected. So, I wrote about your poem, too, and linked back here in a little Thursday thing I call "There and Back Again." It's my small way of connecting with other High Calling bloggers.

    I'm so glad to meet you today.

  4. I hopped over here from Charity's, Michelle. May I just say...I have found so much beauty here. and, in light of the context of Charity's post, I am just breathless. Thank you.